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Welcome to VITO CLEAN!

We are pleased that you have decided to join us. We hope our association will be a productive and beneficial one.  VITO CLEAN was started in 2009 by Vitko Vukovic.

Our primary goal is to provide quality service to our customers. This quality service begins with you, the employee. Each employee plays an important role in the success of the Company as it continues to grow.

VITO CLEAN has many goals for the future. Among them are continuing to expand our customer and services base, as well as providing advancement opportunities and benefits for employees. We hope that as an employee of VITO CLEAN, you will continue to grow with us into the future.

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Vitko (Vito) Vukovic




VITO CLEAN began in 2009 when Vito created the Company to provide the Southern Wisconsin Northern Illinois area with commercial cleaning services.

Since 2009 the Company has grown to serve Many locations in the area. We employ over 20 people to service those accounts. 




We want to make sure that our customers are more than satisfied with the quality of service, expertise and results from our organization. When we accomplish this goal the Company and all employees will continue to grow and prosper. 

In order to satisfy our customers, we have very high performance expectations of each member of our team.  As such, we’ve included a partial list of the attributes and behaviors we expect from each team member.

·           Focus on performance, productivity and efficiency in all work endeavors.

·           Mutual respect between coworkers, customers and everyone with whom we do business.

·           Considerate of fellow employees, supervisors, subordinates, or co-workers.

·           Work in a manner safe to both yourself and your fellow workers.

·           True team work and cooperation. Personal problems between employees should not be pursued at work.

·           Cost-consciousness – always consider how to keep our operating costs to a minimum. 

·           Respect Company property, using only for business purposes. 

·           Responsible timekeeping.

·           Be on time to work and contact an Owner/Manager for absences or tardiness.

·           Talk to management about grievance with fellow employees.

·           Maintain Company equipment; keep equipment and property clean, replace vacuum bags, clean filters, etc.

·           Keep the workplace clean and clutter free.

·           Respect your time at work; no receiving or making personal phone calls during working hours.

·           Respect the confidentiality of the Company and its customers. 


















To provide commercial cleaning services and to do it better than any of our competitors.


To deliver the exact services our customers want; listen closely to their expectations; take a pro-active approach in defining their requirements; build the best partnering relationship possible; and continually improve our services.


To create a company that rewards dependability, integrity and safety and provides for the training and development of all employees.


To do it profitably.





A commitment to act with honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business, to be professional in doing our job, and to deliver a consistent, high level quality of work.





An understanding that improved performance comes by all employees working together toward a common vision and requires treating all employees with fairness, respect and dignity, providing required training and recognizing risk taking and innovation.





A realization that job security, career advancement, recognition, and personal financial growth ultimately depends on the ability of our company to consistently generate profits.















We have prepared this Employee Handbook to acquaint you with the important details of the employment or personnel policies, practices and procedures that apply to all the employees of VITO CLEAN, hereinafter referred to as Company.  

The contents of this manual are presented as a matter of information only.  This Employee Handbook is not and does not create a contract between the Company and any of its employees, nor is it intended to be a legal statement of benefits.  

This Employee Handbook does not contain all of VITO CLEAN employment or personnel policies, practices and procedures.  Its purpose is to provide basic information to employees regarding VITO CLEAN procedures and guidelines.  VITO CLEAN retains the right to change, modify, suspend, interpret, vary from, or cancel, in whole or in part, any of its published or unpublished policies, practices and procedures, without advance notice, in its sole discretion, without having to give cause or justification.  Recognition of these rights and prerogatives of VITO CLEAN is a term and condition of employment and continued employment.

This Employee Handbook supersedes all prior employee handbooks and any employment or personnel policies, procedures, practices, statements or promises, whether written or verbal, previously received from or made by the Company.

Please read this handbook carefully.  One of your first responsibilities as an employee is to be familiar with its contents. If there is anything you do not understand, or if you would like more information about any of its contents, please contact the owner or your manager for clarification.

All employees must complete the Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form and return it promptly to their manager for placement in their personnel file.





















Your employment at VITO CLEAN is at will.  This means that your employment is not for any specified term or duration. You have the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without notice, with or without cause, and VITO CLEAN has that same right to terminate your employment.  All non-exempt employees will work for a 90-day probation period before they are classified as regular employees. During this time, employment may be terminated by the employer or employee without obligation of either party.


Nothing contained in this Employee Handbook modifies or changes that at will employment relationship, except a written employment agreement accepted by management. 

No employee or representative of the Company may modify this policy orally or in writing without the express written consent of management. 

By accepting employment and continuing to work at VITO CLEAN, the employee agrees to the at will nature of the employment relationship.




VITO CLEAN has established a 90-day orientation period for all new employees and employees promoted to new positions.  

During the Orientation Period, the immediate supervisor evaluates the job performance of the new employee, to include the quality of work, dependability, cooperation, and successful performance of job duties.

If the employee’s job performance is unsatisfactory at any time during or following the Orientation Period, action can include, but is not limited to, corrective action, demotion, reassignment, or termination of employment. 

Completion of the Orientation Period creates no future guarantees of employment.  Employment is at all times, during and after the orientation period, at will.




Our strength and future growth depend directly upon the contribution made by every employee in our organization. We also know that high productivity and efficiency result from your individual job satisfaction. Our policy is to be frank, fair and honest with personnel and to respect their rights as employees. We shall continue to strive to achieve mutual respect in our working relationship. We insist that our supervisors and managers do all in their power to carry out such a policy.


Every employee is expected to be considerate of fellow employees, whether they are supervisors, subordinates, or co-workers. Employees must not work in a manner that willfully obstructs or hinders another employee from completing his/her duties.


Employees must work in a manner safe to both themselves and their fellow workers. Personal problems between employees should not be pursued at work.





It is the policy of VITO CLEAN to comply with all applicable equal employment opportunity laws and regulations.  VITO CLEAN provides equal opportunity employment for all qualified persons.  All our employment practices, benefits and programs will be administered without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, status with respect to receipt of public assistance, membership or activity in a local commission or any other basis protected by Federal, State or local law.

This commitment extends to all phases of employment including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, placement, transfers, training and development, promotions, demotions, compensation, benefits, terminations, and all other conditions or privileges associated with employment.




VITO CLEAN is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for qualified individuals without regard to disability. When appropriate, VITO CLEAN will provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee, provided it does not create an undue hardship for the Company. It is your responsibility to notify the Company if you believe an accommodation is necessary. Any inquiry into your disability or what will constitute reasonable accommodation will not be used in making employment decisions and will only be used to create the most helpful working conditions possible. 


LEGAL COMPLIANCE (Immigration)  


VITO CLEAN does not discriminate against individuals based on national origin and we are in full compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), which states that companies may only employ individuals who are legally authorized to work in the United States. In compliance with IRCA, VITO CLEAN requires all new hires and rehires to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and provide documentation proving identity and employment eligibility. 


Federal law mandates that an employee must provide identification proving eligibility to work no later than three (3) days after starting work. If you fail to provide your identification by this time, the Company may either place you on unpaid leave or terminate your employment. 



VITO CLEAN upholds and will comply with all federal, state, and local legislation. In the event that there is a portion of this handbook that either presently conflicts or becomes in conflict with any of these laws, only the portion of the handbook that is in conflict will be invalidated; the remainder of the handbook will remain intact.




The following employment classifications apply to VITO CLEAN employees.  Please note that certain insurance or benefit plan documents may contain different definitions regarding benefit eligibility.

Full-Time Employee:
Any employee who is regularly scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week.

Part-Time Employee: 
Any person who is regularly scheduled to work less than 30 hours per week.

Temporary Employee:
Any person who is hired to work on special projects for a specific period of time to meet the Company’s short term needs. Although paid through VITO CLEAN payroll, temporary employees are not eligible for any VITO CLEAN benefits. 

Independent Contractor:
Any person who is hired to perform independent services for VITO CLEAN.  These individuals will receive a 1099 tax form in accordance with federal tax laws. 




Employees will be informed of their classification as exempt or non-exempt when they begin employment or move to a different position in the Company. 

Exempt Employees:
These employees qualify as exempt as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act and are not eligible for overtime pay.  Exempt employees are expected to work 40 or more hours per week, to include working outside of normal business hours in order to meet their job responsibilities.  Exempt employees should not expect compensatory time for hours worked in excess of 40 in a given work week.

Non-Exempt/Hourly Employees:
These employees are paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime pay.




VITO CLEAN provides equal opportunity to all applicants on the basis of demonstrated ability, experience, and training. As positions become available within the Company, prior to outside recruitment, the Company shall determine the availability of qualified candidates within the company. Recruitment may be conducted through schools, employment agencies and company advertising.







Employees who terminate employment with VITO CLEAN may be re-hired provided they left in good standing with the company. If the company terminated an employee, they will not be re-hired. Management will decide if a former employee may be re-hired.


Employees that are re-hired by the Company will lose their original anniversary date for all purposes and be assigned a new date corresponding to their first day on the job after re-employment.






A relative or partner (wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend) of a staff member may be employed if they have the qualifications to do the job. However the new person cannot be in a position where they will be directing their relative or partner, or taking direction from them, or in a position to affect the amount of pay they receive. 






During employment with VITO CLEAN, employees will learn, work with, and be entrusted with information and trade secrets that are confidential relating to the Company’s  operations, proposed new business, financial condition, sales and services. This information is not known outside of the Company or even known to all of VITO CLEAN employees. Keeping this information confidential is necessary to ensure our success. Because this information has substantial value to VITO CLEAN, all employees must exercise the highest degree of care           not to disclose any confidential information, even inadvertently to any unauthorized persons in             or outside the company.


Sometimes even the most innocent acts or requests can result in disclosure of confidential information. Employees should always think before discussing information with a third party. 


Company– Knowledge of the company’s affairs gained through access to information not generally available to the public is to be considered confidential information. As such, it is not to be passed on to outsiders or discussed with other employees at any time.


Customer– Knowledge of a customer’s affairs gained through access to information not generally available to the public is to be considered confidential information. As such, it is not to be passed on to outsiders or discussed with other employees at any time.


Employee– All information on an employee application is considered confidential, and is to be used for the hiring of personnel only. Personnel files are confidential and available only to management. An employee’s own personnel file is open to his/her examination upon request.

The rights of employees are to be protected at all times. All questions regarding employee information are to be referred to management. Personal information such as telephone numbers and addresses are not released.


For employees who work at the Company main offices: Confidential information at work, when not in use, must be secured in locked files.  Confidential matters never leave Company property, must always be stored in appropriate places and must be relinquished upon termination of employment.

For employees who work outside the Company main offices: Confidential information must be retained separate from personal information to ensure that no one other than the employee has access to Company confidential information.  All Company information, written/printed materials, passwords, computer files, property and all other work product performed by an employee or independent contractor on behalf of Company remains the sole property of the Company. All such information and materials must be returned to Company upon request and/or termination of employment or any contractual agreements.

Confidential matters are to be discussed with other employees only as necessary and appropriate to conduct daily business and meet the Company's responsibility to provide services.  Unauthorized release of confidential information is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

All employees are required to sign a Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreement prior to beginning work at VITO CLEAN.  Your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of VITO CLEAN confidential information exists throughout your employment and following the termination of your employment.






The Company maintains a personnel file on each employee.  We consider the information maintained in these files as confidential and proprietary.

Certain employee information needs to be kept up-to-date.  Any of the following changes in personal information should be reported to management for updating: 

·      Name, address, telephone number

·      Changes in marital status and dependent information

·      Changes to the Form W-4 (Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate)

·      Person to notify in case of emergency

In accordance with the [enter state] Personnel Records Statute, active employees may review their personnel file once every six months by submitting a written request to management.  Terminated employees may review or receive a copy of their files once per year by written request.

Once a written request has been received, personnel files will be available within 7 working days of the request for employees who reside in [enter state] or within 14 working days for employees who reside outside of [enter state]. These files may be reviewed in the presence of management either during normal working hours or before or after the employee’s work shift.  

Active or terminated employees desiring copies of any or all of their personnel file must submit a written request to management.  Copies will be provided at no cost to employees.

Employees who dispute information in their personnel file may request that we remove or revise the disputed information.  If we do not agree, employees may submit a written statement specifically identifying the disputed information, not to exceed 5 pages, to be placed in their file.  

Employees requesting their personnel files in good faith are protected from retaliation. Should a policy violation or retaliation occur, we will follow the Department of Labor’s guidelines for remedies.




VITO CLEAN has an excellent reputation for conducting its business with high levels of integrity and ethical standards.  The Company expects all employees to uphold that reputation in every business or related activity.

Non-Compete:  All VITO CLEAN employees are required to sign a Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreement prior to starting work.  

While the Company respects employees’ wishes to engage in activities outside of employment with the Company, which are private in nature, employees are expected to avoid involvement in any activity which may create a conflict of interest.

Definition: A conflict of interest includes, but is not limited to:

1.    Use of VITO CLEAN time, facilities, equipment, supplies or other items or services for private gain or advantage.

2.    Any situation where the employee may benefit personally from any purchase of goods or services by the Company. 

3.    Any situation where the employee uses information or personal contact normally not attainable except through employment with the Company to derive personal gain.

4.    Any situation that may serve as a detriment to the Company or to its public image.

5.    Any outside activity by an employee that may be viewed as competing with the products or services normally offered by the Company.

6.    Acceptance of gifts, fees, services or entertainment from vendors, suppliers or companies or individuals desiring to do business with the Company.

7.    The purchase of products or services directly from a Company vendor or supplier.  Such purchases must be directed through normal ordering procedures and are subject to normal pricing formulas. 

8.    Referring VITO CLEAN business transactions to a family member or other persons with whom there may exist a personal, business or financial relationship, without the express written pre-approval of the Company.

Outside employmentor other outside activities are of concern to the Company if they affect job performance adversely or create a potential conflict of interest.  

Management has the right to address outside employment concerns with the employee, in the event that any outside employment with competitive organizations or within organizations whose products or services creates a conflict of interest on the part of the employee.  

In order to avoid any real or perceived involvement in a conflict of interest, employees should refrain from any direct conflicts.  Employees who are in doubt as to whether a specific activity violates this policy must discuss the matter in advance with management.

Management will evaluate the circumstances and determine whether a conflict of interest exists.  Activities determined to create the possibility of a conflict of interest may be prohibited.  An employee who fails to respond to VITO CLEAN prohibition of these circumstances considered a conflict of interest or who violates the Non-Compete Agreement will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination as well as subject to legal action.





The Company welcomes suggestions from employees. If you have a suggestion for a more productive way to do your job that will save time and/or money, or if you have any other suggestion that may save time or money, let your supervisor or manager know.






Employees who have a grievance should first talk to their supervisor. If that is not possible, or if the grievance has to do with the supervisor, the employee should then talk with management.


























Upon termination with VITO CLEAN, keys will be turned into the company in the following manner:


Involuntary termination– Keys will be given to the employee’s supervisor at the time of termination.
Voluntary termination– If the employee gives VITO CLEAN notice of termination the keys will be turned in to the employee’s supervisor on the last day worked, or sooner if requested by the supervisor.
Quit without Notice– If the employee calls VITO CLEAN to quit without giving notice the employee will immediately turn in the keys to the office or supervisor. If the employee does not show up for work and does not call with a satisfactory explanation, that employee will be immediately terminated. Keys will be turned in within 12 hours of the employees scheduled time for work. 
If you lose keys issued to you, report it to your supervisor immediately.


I, ________________________________________ have been given keys to the following:


Client Name and Address                                                          Date

________________________________________________      __________________

________________________________________________      __________________

________________________________________________      __________________

________________________________________________      __________________

________________________________________________      __________________



I, ________________________________ have been given the following to use during my employment with VITO CLEAN:


Property Assigned:                                                        Date

Gas Card Number __________________________       ____________________________

Cell phone ________________________________       ____________________________

Vehicle Assigned ___________________________       ____________________________

Other _____________________________________      ____________________________


I understand the above policies concerning possession of keys.



________________________________                          ________________________

Employee Signature                                                         Date



________________________________                          ________________________

Supervisor Signature                                                        Date











All personnel employed by VITO CLEAN must be neat, clean and in the appropriate uniform at all times when on the job. Any employee failing to present a professional appearance or reporting to work out of uniform may be sent home. 


Neat and appropriate grooming is required. It is our attempt to make your working environment as comfortable as possible. We only ask that you use good taste in dress such as clean jeans or walking shorts [no holes or cut-offs]. Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are recommended – no open-toed shoes are allowed.


All employees should keep hair tidy and well groomed. Men should be clean-shaven; beards must be kept neat. Women should avoid wearing excessive makeup. No strong perfumes or aftershave.  Halter tops or tank tops are not allowed. Good personal hygiene habits are a must.


Inappropriate attire includes:  Ripped, torn or faded jeans, sweat pants, hats with offensive messages, leggings or spandex pants, revealing or tight-fitting clothing such as sleeveless tank tops, midriffs, halters or low cut tops. 



I, ____________________ have been issued _____ VITO CLEAN shirts to be worn while working for VITO CLEAN. I am responsible for the care and cleaning of each shirt. At the time of my termination from VITO CLEAN [Voluntary or Involuntary] I will return all shirts to the company within 3 working days.




________________________________                                ________________________

Employee Signature                                                               Date


________________________________                                ________________________

Supervisor Signature                                                              Date















An employee is expected to exercise due care in his/her use of company property and to use such property only for authorized purposes. Willful misuse or negligence in the care and use of company property will be considered cause for suspension and/or dismissal. Unauthorized removal of company property from the premises or company vehicles or its conversion to personal use will be considered cause for suspension and/or dismissal. 


It is the employee’s responsibility to clean and care for equipment assigned to him/her.  Faulty equipment is to be reported to your supervisor immediately.


Employees may be required to transport equipment to customer’s location if necessary.


I ____________________, have been given the following equipment to use during my employment at VITO CLEAN:


____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________

____________________________________            Date: _________________________


Employees must read and understand the warning labels on all cleaning chemicals that you will be using at VITO CLEAN and follow all safety measures on the labels. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are located in all equipment/chemical totes or company vehicles. Employees must understand that chemicals are not to be mixed. 


I have read and understand the rules regarding the use of equipment.


________________________________                                ________________________

Employee Signature                                                               Date



________________________________                                ________________________

Supervisor Signature                                                              Date













·   Only those employees who are specifically named on the vehicle’s insurance policy are allowed to drive company vehicles. At no time shall the vehicle be used for anything other than business use. No passengers will be allowed to ride in the vehicles without management approval.

·   All mileage must be kept track of on a mileage log. List reason for each trip, starting miles, ending miles, and total miles.

·   Moving violations or accidents that occur while driving company vehicles must be reported immediately to management. Also report any noises, dents, or other defects to management immediately.

·   Drive courteously. Company vehicles are traveling billboards. Your actions as a driver therefore will reflect on the reputation and public image of the organization.

·   Do not leave keys in an unattended vehicle.

·   Employees assigned to a vehicle may be given a gas charge card to use. This card is to be used to re-fuel the vehicle only. No personal use of the card is allowed. Personal use of the card is grounds for termination. If the card is lost or stolen it must be reported to management immediately.

·   The vehicle must be returned to the company at the end of the employee’s work shift unless otherwise authorized by management.

·   Cell phones are not to be used while driving





























Job Descriptions


The purpose of a Job Description is to define a position’s duties and set requirements for filling the position. The following positions are detailed:


Level 1 Cleaning Specialist 
Level 2 Cleaning Specialist 
Operations Manager





Reports to:   Supervisor


Lines of Promotion: Level 2 Cleaning Specialist  


Qualifications:Cleaning experience preferred. 


Pay Scale: $7.00 - $11.00 per hour




General cleaning, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning restrooms, break rooms, offices, conference rooms; sweeping and mopping floors; vacuuming floors; window washing;  other duties as assigned. Specific duties may vary depending on the List of Specifications required by the client at each location.
Completing work to standard
Being to work on scheduled days and hours


VITO CLEAN will train the employee on the proper guidelines, procedures and proper use of chemicals and equipment during initial training and on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to follow these guidelines and procedures as outlined.
















                  Reports to: Supervisor


Lines of Promotion:  Supervisor



Knowledge of general cleaning, hard floor care, carpet care, upholstery cleaning and window washing. 
Driving record with no major offenses
Must own a vehicle in good working order


Pay Scale:  $8.00 - $13.00 per hour



General cleaning, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning restrooms, break rooms, offices, conference rooms; sweeping and mopping floors; vacuuming floors; window washing;  buffing floors; stripping and waxing floors; stone care; carpet cleaning; carpet spotting; upholstery cleaning; other duties as assigned. Specific duties may vary depending on the List of Specifications required by the client at each location.
Completing work to standard
Being to work on scheduled days and hours
Must own a vehicle in good working order
Driving record with no major offenses
Ability to assist in training new employees, and giving daily direction and work lists
Must be able to read and explain SDS sheets



VITO CLEAN will train the employee on the proper guidelines, procedures and proper use of chemicals and equipment during initial training and on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to follow these guidelines and procedures as outlined.























Reports to: Operations Manager


Lines of Promotion:  Operations Manager



Ability to provide supervision and training of new employees, as well as give daily direction and work lists. 
A sense of urgency to complete tasks.
Total knowledge of commercial cleaning, hard floor care, carpet care, upholstery cleaning, carpet spotting and window washing
Driving record with no major offenses
Must be able to read and explain SDS sheets
Must be able to work without supervision
Must show good leadership skills


Pay Scale: $9.50 - $16.00 per hour               



Responsible for locations assigned by Operations Manager. 
Perform building walk-through’s and inspections
Training of new employees
 Work with management on performance appraisals
 Assign daily direction and work lists
Assist management in writing employee reviews
Replenish supplies
Maintain and repair equipment
 Inspect completed work for conformance to standards
 Fill in for absent employees. 
General cleaning, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning restrooms, break rooms, offices, conference rooms; sweeping and mopping floors; vacuuming floors; window washing;  buffing floors; stripping and waxing floors; stone care; carpet cleaning; carpet spotting; upholstery cleaning; other duties as assigned. Specific dutiesmay vary depending on the List of Specifications required by the client at each location.


VITO CLEAN will train the employee on the proper guidelines, procedures and proper use of chemicals and equipment during initial training and on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to follow these guidelines and procedures as outlined.















Reports to: Owner



Management experience
Customer relations experience
Sales skills
Total knowledge of commercial cleaning, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning restrooms, break rooms, offices, conference rooms; sweeping and mopping floors; vacuuming floors; window washing;  buffing floors; stripping and waxing floors; stone care; carpet cleaning; carpet spotting; upholstery cleaning; 
Must be dependable and be able to have flexible hours and work rotating shifts if necessary.
 Must have good communication skills and be able to speak clearly and correctly.
 Must be able to work without supervision. 
Must be able to work under pressure. 
Must show good leadership skills. 
Must be able to meet the rigors of the job. 
Must demonstrate a sense of urgency in completing tasks. 
Must be knowledgeable in personnel and business problem solving.
Must be able to conduct employee interviews and perform employee orientations.
Must have experience in hiring, promoting/demoting and terminating employees
Must have a good driving record with no major offenses
Must have good writing/spelling skills
Must have good computer skills
Knowledge of identifying surfaces and making recommendations for proper cleaning methods, systems and equipment


Pay Scale: $15.00 - $25.00 per hour



Responsible for specified locations and employees working in those locations.
Perform building walk-through’s and inspections 
Responsible for operational activity: planning, directing, organizing and controlling all production
Schedule work and provide overall account management
Screen and hire job applicants, interview job applicants, and perform orientations
Ensuring adequate supplies are available and accounted for
Client contact, customer relations, quoting prices for customers
Solving any problems/concerns that might arise
New account set up
Handle any complaints, concerns or questions from customers
Plan and prepare employee work assignments
Employee record keeping
Communicate with employees in order to resolve performance and personnel problems, and to discuss company policies. Refer matter to owner when appropriate
Perform or assist with cleaning duties as necessary
Completing reports; accident, incident, damage, etc.



VITO CLEAN will train the employee on the proper guidelines, procedures and proper use of chemicals and equipment during initial training and on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to follow these guidelines and procedures as outlined.



















































You are expected to perform your job duties satisfactorily and conduct yourself on the job in an appropriate businesslike manner at all times.  On occasion, a supervisor may find it necessary to take disciplinary action with an employee.  Management will determine what are satisfactory performance and appropriate behavior, as well as the disciplinary action to be taken in any given situation.

Disciplinary action for violating basic rules of conduct, policies or practices, or unsatisfactory job performance may result in verbal or written discussion and warnings, paid or unpaid suspension, or immediate termination of employment.  These disciplinary measures do not constitute an exclusive list of possible actions and may be taken in any order.

Examples of unacceptable behavior or conduct include but are not limited to:  

·       Unsatisfactory job performance, negligent or careless work or neglect of duty 

·       Breach of employer, co-worker or customer confidentiality

·       Fraud or dishonesty

·       Misconduct

·       Theft, abuse, misuse or willful damage to Company, employee or customer property

·       Unauthorized possession or removal of Company property

·       Disclosure of and/or misuse of any Company or customer credit card information 

·       Abuse of Company cellular phone or personal calls policy during work hours

·       Failure to observe safety regulations

·       Falsifying or destroying Company records of any kind, including employment and time records

·       Excessive absenteeism or tardiness

·       Bringing dangerous, illegal, authorized or unauthorized, concealed or unconcealed weapons or materials on Company premises

·       Insubordination, failure or refusal to carry out reasonable directives from management

·       Discourtesy or use of abusive or profane language to management, employees or customers

·       Lack of cooperation with management or co-workers, including displaying a negative or counterproductive attitude, gossiping, discrediting or disrespecting co-workers or other individuals with whom we work.

·       Harassment, threats, fighting or physical violence

·       Misrepresenting the Company

·       Speaking to (communicating with) the media on behalf of the Company or management without the express pre-approval from management

·       Possession, use, sale, transfer or reporting to work under the influence of illegal drugs, controlled substances or alcoholic beverages in any form on Company or customer premises

·       Violation of any other written or unwritten policy or practice.

VITO CLEAN reserves the right to ask any employee to leave its employ with or without prior notice and for any reason that does not violate local, state, or federal laws.

As noted in the “About Your Employment” policy of this handbook, your employment with Company is at will and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause, for any reason by you or Company and nothing contained in this policy is intended to create any contract rights or modify the employment at will relationship.  




It is our policy to provide each customer with the highest levels of courtesy and service, in person, over the telephone and when corresponding in emails and over the Internet. It is essential that every employee show courtesy, respect, helpfulness, promptness, and a consistent attitude of friendliness in dealing with all parties with whom we do business.




Personal visitors are prohibited in the Company offices or job sites without the clear pre-approval of the Owners or manager. Children, family and friends are not permitted on the job site. Unauthorized persons are not permitted in or around the job site. 




Report any suspicious person or events to your supervisor immediately. Make sure that all doors that are to be locked when you enter or leave a client location are locked. Make sure all lights that are to be turned off are in fact off. Do not let any unauthorized person into an office/building, even if they say they work there. If they work there, they should have their own key. 


In some cases, you will need keys or security codes in order to perform your job. You will be required to sign for all keys issued to you and will resume full responsibility for them. Protect the keys issued to you. Keep the keys with you on the job site at all times – do not set them down.  Should the keys become lost or stolen, report it to your supervisor immediately.





VITO CLEAN has a policy of no-smoking in all areas of the business and at all customers’ locations. Smoking outside customer’s offices/building is not permitted.

For those employees who smoke, smoking must take place outside the office in designated areas only.  No special smoking breaks are permitted.  Employees should make every attempt to rid themselves of residual smoking odors prior to returning to the workplace and/or working with visitors, customers or co-workers.





Company Property:  It is expected that every employee will take precautions to guard against loss and damage to the Company's property. VITO CLEAN property, time, supplies or equipment may not be appropriated for personal use without approval of management.

All VITO CLEAN property must be returned when an individual ceases to be an employee.  This includes, but is not limited to: office supplies, keys, uniforms, paper and computer documents and files, computers and peripherals, phones, other equipment and any confidential information or records.

Personal Property:  We cannot assume responsibility for the loss or theft of the personal property of employees. It is recommended that all personal valuables be locked up, out of sight, or on the employee’s person at all times while on Company or customer’s premises.  

Building Security:  The building must be secured during business and non-business hours.  Every employee is responsible for maintaining that security as they enter and leave the building.  Employees are not permitted to allow any unauthorized individuals into the building.

Unauthorized removal of company property from the premises or its conversion to personal use or professional use not related to Company business will be considered cause for disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination of employment.  





The atmosphere of the office should be quiet and calm. Swearing or abusive language is not permitted.
Employees are not allowed to use any property of the client. This would include microwave, refrigerator, computers, copiers, fax machines, TV’s, radios, stereos, etc. 
Employees are not permitted to eat or drink in office/buildings.
Employees are not permitted to eat or drink any food, beverages, candy, snacks, etc. that are in the office/building. 
Clean carefully around the customer’s property at all times.
It is not appropriate for you to read books, examine papers, look through desks or filing cabinets.
Do not unplug anything. Many things are computerized and you can cause damage.
There is to be no pilfering of trash. Employees can be prosecuted for theft for removing items from the trash for their own use.
Telephones in the offices/buildings in which you are working are not to be used for personal calls. They are only to be used for clocking in and clocking out of the location or in an emergency situation, or to contact a VITO CLEAN owner, manager or supervisor. 
Smoking is not allowed in the office or on the customer’s property at any time. 
While on the job, be courteous, respectful, and cooperative with office workers present during cleaning.
Report any unusual situations such as flooding, smoke or on the job injuries immediately to your supervisor. 






Business Calls:  VITO CLEAN telephone lines are to be kept available for business purposes to serve the interest of our customers and assure normal Company operations. All incoming calls should be answered promptly and professionally.  All messages must be delivered to the appropriate person on an immediate basis or in as timely a period as possible.

Personal Calls:  We recognize that employees must sometimes place or receive personal calls on VITO CLEAN telephones.  However, the telephone system and business work hours are intended to serve the needs of our business.  Therefore, personal calls during business hours should be rare and be made during lunch and break periods.  

Employees should not distribute VITO CLEAN telephone numbers to individuals for social purposes, including to relatives who call for personal non-emergency conversations.

Long Distance Calls:  Outgoing long distance business calls should be preapproved.  Employees working from their home office must make arrangements for such calls with management and submit a detailed telephone expense log in accordance with the Expense Reimbursement procedure.

Any abuse of the telephone policy will be grounds for disciplinary action.





Cell phones may be given to supervisors to use so that management can reach the employees when needed. These phones are not for personal use by the employee and his or her family. Should the cell phone become lost or stolen it must be reported to management immediately. As noted above, cell phones are not to be used while driving. 


Personal Cell Phone/Texting use:There is to be no receiving or making personal phone calls or texting during working hours and personal cell phones must be turned off during working hours. Employee should give family members the office phone number in case of emergency.  Employee personal calls should be made on their cell phone during lunch and break periods.  Personal cell phones/texting is not to be used during working hours unless employee is on scheduled break.






VITO CLEAN provides computer systems and related business tools to enhance how we operate and service our customers.  It is each employee’s responsibility to use these tools appropriately.  Our computers, like all Company property, are to be used for job related and business purposes.  

Our Right to Access Information:  Although employees may have individual access to email, voicemail, the computer network, the Internet and other systems, all such systems are the property of the Company. Additionally, employees should recognize that all documents, files, emails, work products and other activities performed on Company and personal computers remain the sole property of the Company and employees should assume no right to privacy regarding anything on Company computers.  The Company reserves the right to access and/or monitor communications over any computer, telephone, Internet or information system at any time, with or without prior notice, for any purpose. 

Misuse of Company computer systems, software, Internet or networks may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  

Examples of unacceptable computer-related behavior include the following:

·     Intentional sabotage of computer equipment or deletion of or tampering with computer files

·     Intentional release of a computer virus into the system

·     Modifying the Company’s computer equipment, systems files of software without specific authorization from management (including installing or downloading personal software) removing, duplicating, or altering Company software 

·     Access or sharing of any Internet materials that might be offensive to other employees or contrary to our harassment policy.

Information accessed through the Internet and/or email cannot be a violation of any legal, ethical or professional standards or a violation of Company policy or practice.  For example, access to sensitive items that may be considered offensive, in violation of, harassment or discrimination policies is strictly forbidden.

Work Performed on Individual Computers:  Employees and independent contractors who work from home and/or use their own personal computers for Company business must recognize that all work performed for Company purposes remains the sole property of Company.  Employees are required to email all work performed for Company to management for storage on Company computers as soon as the work is complete and/or immediately following a management request.

Employees working from home must agree to allow management or a Company -designated representative to their home and/or office to research and/or retrieve any files related to Company business and to delete those files permanently from the employee or former-employee’s computers.  This permission is to be granted to management on an as-requested basis, including several visits per year as business needs dictate.

Intellectual Property:  Employees and independent contractors have no ownership or rights to any materials, documents, web copy, design, articles, intellectual property or related items created for Company.   All property, intellectual or otherwise, developed by the employee or of which the employee becomes aware while working for Company is and remains the property of the Company and not the employee.

Personal Use of Computers:  Use of Company computers for personal reasons is prohibited. Prohibited personal computer use includes, but is not limited to:

·       Using Company owned or operated computer for business or commercial purposes unrelated to the Company

·       Installing game software on Company owned or operated computers

Internet:  The primary purpose for the Company providing Internet access to our employees is for business purposes. Employee use of the Internet must adhere to the following guidelines:

·       Information accessed through the Company’s Internet link cannot be a violation of any legal, ethical or professional standards or a violation of Company policy or practice. 

·       “Surfing” the Internet, personal shopping and/or making online purchases for personal use, and other non-business related Internet activities is prohibited.

·       Reading personal e-mail, sending or forwarding jokes, chain letters, and other similar communications is prohibited.

E-Mail:  Use of the electronic mail system is reserved solely for the conduct of business at the Company. All messages composed, sent, or received on the e-mail system are and remain the property of Company. 

·       The e-mail system may not be used to solicit or proselytize for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or other non-job-related solicitations. 

·       The e-mail system is not to be used to create any offensive or disruptive messages. 

·       The e-mail system shall not be used to send (upload) or receive (download) copyrighted materials, trade secrets, proprietary financial information, or similar materials without prior authorization. 

·       E-mail messages should be treated as confidential by other employees and accessed only by the intended recipient. Employees are not authorized to retrieve or read any e-mail messages that are not sent to them. 

Computer Protocol:  Management has established specific protocol for the creation and storage of computer documents and files.  Employees are required and expected to follow this protocol throughout their employment.

Passwords:  Employees may be granted access or use of various passwords in order to perform job-related responsibilities.  Employees are prohibited from disclosing this confidential information to anyone inside or outside the organization [with the exception of management] without express prior authorization.  This includes copying, faxing or sharing these passwords using any form of media. All hardware, software, passwords are to be returned to Company at time of termination or resignation.

Any employees who discover a violation of this policy shall notify management of this violation.  Any employee who violates this policy or uses the computer system for improper purposes shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.  






It is [company name’] policy that harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, and offensive behavior of employees is prohibited.  Any employee found to have acted in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate corrective action, which may include immediate termination.

Employees should understand that this policy applies to every employee of VITO CLEAN, including management, full-time, part-time and temporary employees, as well as any individuals who provide or receive services from the Company.

Responsibility:  Every employee is accountable for his and her own actions.  Management is ultimately responsible for promoting working conditions free of harassment and enforcing this policy.  Employees are expected to report all complaints and incidents to management. 

Sexual harassmentis any suggestion (express or implied) that any person’s promotion, employment, compensation or treatment is in any way contingent upon or related to an employee’s participation in or rejection of conduct of a sexual nature. Not only is sexual harassment a violation of our policy, but it may also violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Harassment also includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical contact or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature when:

Submission to the undesirable conduct or communication is made a term or condition, either explicitly or implicitly, of an individual's employment;


Submission to or rejection of that conduct or communication by an individual is used as a factor in decisions affecting that individual's employment;


That conduct or communication has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's employment or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.


Reporting Complaints

Any employee who is subjected to sexual harassment or intimidation should immediately contact management. All complaints of sexual harassment will be promptly and confidentially investigated. If the company discovers that sexual harassment has occurred, the following disciplinary actions may be taken: oral/written warning; demotion; suspension; termination. Disciplinary action may also be taken against any employee who in bad faith makes a false or dishonest claim of harassment or discrimination. Any supervisor or manager who has knowledge of such behavior yet fails to take appropriate action is also subject to discipline.

Other harassmentincludes racial harassment and harassment based on religion, minority status, sexual orientation, age or disability and includes unwelcome, hostile or discriminatory behavior. Any comments or behavior which creates a hostile or intimidating working environment and any actions which adversely base an employee’s employment conditions will not be tolerated.

The Company will not tolerate harassment or intimidation, as defined in this Policy, of any employee or anyone else with whom VITO CLEAN does business.  Harassment or intimidation does not include any valid, appropriate disciplinary action against an employee who is a member of any protected group.

What should harassed employees do?  First, talk to the offender.  If that conversation does not produce satisfactory results, speak with management. 

Your harassment complaint will be investigated quickly and discreetly.  Information regarding any harassment complaint will be restricted only to those who need to know.  Following the completion of the investigation, the Company will determine whether harassment has occurred, then will take appropriate action based on its findings.

An employee found to have engaged in harassment may be disciplined, and, dependent upon the circumstances, such conduct may be cause for termination of employment.  

VITO CLEAN will not tolerate retaliation against any employee who brings a harassment complaint or who participates in a harassment investigation.  Any employee who suspects retaliation should immediately report the incident to management.






















All employees will also receive additional safety training and a Safety Manual at orientation.





VITO CLEAN believes that the health and safety of each employee is of great importance.  We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment and believe that safety is a partnership among all employees.  We expect employees to make accident prevention and safety an integral part of their daily work.

All employees are expected to keep their work areas as free from safety hazards as possible. Employees are responsible for reporting any hazardous situations to management.  Suggestions for improvement are encouraged and help the Company maintain a safe working environment. 

Failure to observe safety rules and practices or in any way jeopardizing the safety of one’s self and/or others is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.




Although we pride ourselves on the safety practices in our Company, accidents will occur.  Employees who experience a work related illness or injury, regardless of how minor, must immediately report this to management. 

All work related accidents or illnesses must be documented at the time they happen.  Employees are required to complete an Injury Report within 24 hours of the accident or injury, regardless of how minor the injury may appear to be. Failure to report such injuries could jeopardize the employee’s benefits.

Any questions regarding Workers’ Compensation or requests for Injury Reports should be directed to management immediately upon occurrence.




Report any injury to yourself or to others to your supervisor or manager immediately. If it is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, use the nearest immediate care facility, and then report it to your supervisor or manager as soon as possible. If you injure yourself while working, you and your supervisor must fill out an accident report. No report of injury can be properly processed unless it is detailed and complete [including date, time, location, circumstances and witnesses].


If you have an accident that results in damage to property, report the damage immediately to your supervisor. Do not conceal or withhold the information.






VITO CLEAN is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful and efficient work place. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job may pose serious health risks not only to the user, but to all who work with the user.  The possession, use, or sale of controlled substances also poses unacceptable risks.  

Accordingly, the Company has adopted the following policy:

·      No employee may use, buy, sell, trade, deliver or be under the influence of alcohol or any un-prescribed controlled substance in any VITO CLEAN facility, vehicle, parking lot or anywhere on VITO CLEAN or their customers property at any time. 

·      These substances may not be used anywhere during work, rest breaks, meals or other occasions if the employee is to return to work the same day.  Employees travelling on Company business, including attending training, conferences and/or trade shows are prohibited from using alcohol whenever they are representing the Company. 

·      Reporting to work with measurable quantities of alcohol or controlled substances or being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances during the course of business is strictly prohibited.

Employees who fail to follow this policy will be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including immediate termination.

Any employee who is aware of any alcohol and/or illicit drug use in the workplace must bring the situation to the attention of management immediately.  

Implementation of this policy shall not result in any special exemptions from standard policies and procedures while the employee is on the job.  Performance problems are to be handled in accordance with established disciplinary procedures.




VITO CLEAN maintains the right to test applicants and employees for drug and alcohol usage. Testing will be done by collection of a sample (urine, blood, etc.). All employees and applicants may be subject to drug and alcohol testing in the following circumstances: 



VITO CLEAN may make offers of employment subject to and conditioned on the applicant's: 1) consent to taking a drug and/or alcohol test; and 2) a negative test result. If the test is positive or if the applicant refuses to undergo testing, the offer of employment will be withdrawn, provided that, where an offer is withdrawn based on a positive alcohol test, the withdrawal is job-related and consistent with business necessity.


VITO CLEAN will not withdraw an offer of employment based on a positive test result from an initial screening test that has not been verified by a confirmatory test. If the job offer is withdrawn, VITO CLEAN will inform the job applicant of the reason for its action. 




Reasonable Suspicion 

VITO CLEAN may request or require an employee to undergo drug and alcohol testing if VITO CLEAN has reasonable suspicion that the employee: 


Is under the influence of drugs or alcohol; OR 


Has violated [company name’] rules prohibiting the use, possession, sale, or transfer of drugs or alcohol while the employee is working or while the employee is on [company name’] premises or operating [company name’] vehicles, machinery, or equipment; OR 


Has sustained a personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment or has caused another employee to sustain a personal injury; OR 


Has caused a work-related accident or was operating or helping to operate machinery, equipment, or vehicles involved in a work-related accident. 


Reasonable suspicion means a basis for forming a belief based on specific facts and rational inferences drawn from those facts. 


If medical attention is required as a result of an accident and a drug/alcohol test cannot be performed, VITO CLEAN will request production of hospital testing records or other documents that may indicate the employee was under the influence at the time of the accident. 

Where lawful, VITO CLEAN reserves the right to use drug or alcohol test results conducted by a third party including, but not limited to, law enforcement agencies and hospitals, as the basis for determining whether an employee has violated [company name’] performance and behavior expectations, specifically including, but not exclusively, those identified in this policy. 

VITO CLEAN maintains the right to notify the appropriate law enforcement official[s] if it has reasonable suspicion that an employee is in possession of or has sold or transferred drugs on VITO CLEAN property or its customers during working time. 


Treatment Program Testing 

VITO CLEAN may request or require an employee to undergo drug and alcohol testing if the employee has been referred by VITO CLEAN for chemical dependency evaluation or is participating in a chemical dependency treatment program under an employee benefit plan, in which case the employee may be requested or required to undergo drug or alcohol testing without prior notice during the evaluation or treatment period and for a period of up to two years following completion of any prescribed chemical dependency treatment program. Time spent in the treatment program will be unpaid. 


Routine Physical Examination 

VITO CLEAN may require a drug and alcohol test as a part of any VITO CLEAN -paid routine physical examination, provided the drug or alcohol test is requested or required no more than once annually and the employee has been given at least a two (2) week written notice that a drug or alcohol test may be requested or required as part of the physical examination. 


Random Testing 

All of [company name’] safety-sensitive employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing on a random selection basis. Random selection basis means a mechanism for selection of employees that 1) results in an equal probability that any employee from a group of employees subject to the selection mechanism will be selected and 2) does not give the employer discretion to waive the selection of any employee selected under the mechanism. 

Safety-sensitive position means a job, including any supervisory or management position, in which an impairment caused by drug or alcohol usage would threaten the health or safety of any person. 


Procedural Requirements:   


Notice of Test. Before requesting a drug and/or alcohol test, VITO CLEAN will provide the employee or applicant with a form on which the employee or applicant can acknowledge that he or she has seen [company name’] drug and alcohol policy. 


Test Refusal. An employee or applicant has the right to refuse testing. However, a refusal to test will be treated as a failure to comply with [company name’] policy and may result in withdrawal of a job offer or disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. 


Notice of Negative Test Results. Within three (3) working days after receipt of a negative test result from the testing laboratory, VITO CLEAN will inform an applicant or employee, in writing, of:  1) the negative test result on the initial screening test or the confirmatory test; and 2) the right to request and receive a copy of the test result report. 


Notice of Positive Test Results. Within three (3) working days after receipt of a confirmed positive test result from the testing laboratory, VITO CLEAN will inform an applicant or employee, in writing, of: 1) the positive test result on the confirmatory test; 2) the right to request and receive a copy of the test result report; 3) the right to explain the positive result (described below in “Explaining Results”); and 4) the right to request a confirmatory retest of the original sample, at his or her own expense. 


Explaining Results. Within three (3) working days after notice of a positive drug or alcohol test result on a confirmatory test, the employee or applicant may submit information to VITO CLEAN to explain the positive result. Additionally, after a positive test result, VITO CLEAN can request that the employee or applicant indicate any over-the-counter or prescription medication he or she is currently taking, or has recently taken, as well as any other information relevant to the reliability of, or explanation for, a positive test result. 


Confirmatory Retest. An employee or job applicant may request a confirmatory retest of the original sample, at his or her own expense. Within five (5) working days of receiving notice of the confirmatory results, the employee or applicant must make this request and notify VITO CLEAN, in writing, of the intention to obtain a confirmatory retest. 


Within three (3) working days of receiving the individual’s notice to retest, VITO CLEAN will notify the original testing laboratory that the employee or applicant has requested that the lab conduct a confirmatory retest or arrange for transfer of the sample to the laboratory selected by the individual to perform the confirmatory retest, provided that the laboratory selected must be licensed in accordance with [state]. If the confirmatory retest does not confirm the original positive test, VITO CLEAN cannot take any adverse personnel action based on the original test. 








I ____________________________________, acknowledge that I have seen and read the drug and alcohol policy of VITO CLEAN.


I also acknowledge that VITO CLEAN maintains the right to test applicants and employees for drug and alcohol usage. Testing will be done by collection of a sample [urine, blood, etc.]. All employees and applicants may be subject to drug and alcohol testing in the following circumstances: 


Pre-Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Treatment Program Testing, Routine Physical 

            Examination and Random Testing.  




            __________________________________                            ___________________

            Employee signature                                                                Date



            __________________________________                            ___________________

           Supervisor / Manager                                                             Date


































It is the responsibility of the employee to follow the work schedule given to them by their supervisor. Employees are to be on time to work locations, and are to be clocked in at their scheduled time – excuses for tardiness will not be tolerated.


Employees must contact their supervisor or manager as soon as possible if they are not going to make it to work on time or if there is an emergency that is preventing them working that day. The longer the employee waits to contact Company, the more of a burden he/she puts on the rest of the employees that have to cover the work for that day.


Employees requesting a day off must have approval of their supervisor / manager, and it must be requested at least two-weeks in advance. This is considered an excused day off. Unexcused days off (taking a day off without giving a two week notice) will not be tolerated unless it is an emergency situation.  Calling in sick the day of work will be considered an unexcused absence.


Procedure for requesting day(s) off: 


Request must be in writing and given to supervisor or manager for approval at least two weeks in advance.
If employee has vacation time or PTO time accrued then they will be required to use this time first, before taking an unpaid day off.
Approval of day(s) off will be at the discretion of management and will depend on the current work load and whether or not the work is able to be covered by another employee.





Business Expenses:  Employees may incur expenses for preapproved office supplies or other items or products.  Expense reports, accompanied by receipts, are to be submitted to management with their time sheets on the [date] of each month.  Failure to provide an appropriate receipt may receipt in the item(s) not being reimbursed.  Failure to submit expenses within 30 days of the purchase may result in a declination of the reimbursement.

Personal Automobile Travel Expenses:  An employee’s local travel for VITO CLEAN business will be reimbursed at [the standard mileage rate established by the IRS each year].  All travel expenses must be pre-approved by management.  The Company will not reimburse employees for items such as the cost of parking tickets, traffic violations or towing charges.

Note: For employees who drive their own personal vehicles for Company business, the Company’s liability insurance is secondary to the employee’s personal liability insurance. Additionally, such employees are required to possess a valid driver’s license and up-to-date insurance coverage.

Out-of-Town Travel:  Periodically, employees may be approved to travel to another location (in-state or out-of-state) for a conference or trade show.  Pre-approved commercial travel, such as by air, taxi, and rental car, will be reimbursed by the Company.  The Company will reimburse reasonable expenditures for hotel and motel accommodations, meals, work-related long distance telephone calls, baggage handling costs, parking fees and toll charges.  Non-business expenses will not be reimbursed.  

Employees who are representing VITO CLEAN to the public must remain professional at all times.  As such, it is preferred that employees refrain from drinking alcohol when travelling on VITO CLEAN business.  




Employees must keep all phone numbers with them so they can contact management or their supervisor when needed. If employee needs to call because they will be late or cannot make it to work they should call the Company office first. If no one is there a message should be left, and then contact supervisor / manager on their cell phone.






Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every employee. Federal and state laws require VITO CLEAN to keep an accurate record of time worked in order to calculate employee pay and benefits. 


VITO CLEAN provides each employee with access to an online timekeeping system for recording hours worked. The timekeeping system records time to the minute.  The timekeeping system details the following: hours worked, any time away from work (paid or unpaid), and a detail of the day's activities. 


Each employee must record on his or her own time card when starting work or returning from a meal break, and record when ending work or when going on a meal break. Time worked is the time actually spent on the job. Each employee should wait until he or she is completely ready to perform his or her assigned duties before recording his or her start time. An employee who is not performing work for Company should record his or her stop time, whether or not he or she remains on the work premises. 


Additional work that has not been not previously scheduled must always be approved in advance before it is performed, and work 'off the clock' is expressly prohibited. A non-exempt employee should not start work more than five (5) minutes prior to his or her scheduled starting time nor stay more than five (5) minutes after his or her scheduled stop time without express, prior authorization from his or her supervisor / manager. An employee who begins work early without express, prior, situation-specific authorization from his or her supervisor / manager may be subject to disciplinary action. 


It is the employee’s responsibility to prepare and submit his or her time record to his or her supervisor in a timely manner and to certify the accuracy of all time recorded; failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action.


The employee’s supervisor will review and approve the time record before submitting it for payroll processing. An error made in the preparation of an employee’s time card that is attributable to the employee (for example, failure to record time for an entire day) will be corrected on the next pay period once his or her supervisor has been made aware of the error. 


Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, recording time on another employee’s time record, or using another employee’s time badge may result in disciplinary action for all parties involved. 


Travel time will be paid between locations. The office will calculate this time. If your travel time takes longer than 30 minutes you must call the office with an explanation. Full time employees that take a lunch break will do so on their own time. Lunch breaks are not paid.






Overtime is to be avoided whenever possible. When overtime is absolutely necessary to serve the needs of our customers, the company compensates its employees for overtime in accordance with state and federal legislation. 


Non-exempt employees will not work beyond eight hours per day or 40 hours per week without authorization from management.


Non-exempt employees will be compensated for all hours in excess of 40 hours per week.


The Company workweek is from Sunday through Saturday. Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week will be paid at one and one-half times their normal hourly rate. 





Overtime is not paid for holiday work, unless those hours are over 40 hours in one week, as noted above.


Full-time Regular employees who are required to work the following national holidays shall receive their wages at time and one-half:


VITO CLEAN offers 6 paid holidays each year to active full-time employees.  The 6 paid holidays are:

·      New Year’s Day

·      Memorial Day

·      Independence Day

·      Labor Day

·      Thanksgiving Day

·      Christmas Day

Full-time employees are eligible for holiday pay only if the holiday falls during an employee’s normal work day.  To receive holiday pay, employees must work the regularly scheduled days before and after the holiday, unless previously approved in writing by management.  A paid holiday does not count toward overtime for the week.

Holiday pay is based on the number of hours an employee is regularly scheduled to work, up to 8 hours per day.  




Due to the nature of our business, breaks and lunch periods may vary day to day. Employees are generally authorized to schedule their own time for lunch and breaks periods, but should be scheduled between cleaning appointments.


Each employee who works in excess of six (6) hours on any given day is provided with one (1) unpaid meal period each workday. Your supervisor may schedule your meal period to accommodate operating requirements. In the absence of a set schedule, it is your responsibility to ensure that you take the opportunity to get away from your work area for a meal period. 


You will be relieved of all active responsibilities and restrictions during meal periods and will not be compensated for that time. It is strongly suggested that you eat your meal away from your regular workplace (desk, shop, etc). 


You are required to take an unpaid meal period any day in which you work over six (6) hours, including weekend days and holidays. You may not skip your meal period in order to compensate for arriving late, leaving early, or to gain extra time (typically overtime), however VITO CLEAN reserves the right to allow occasional makeup of hours over the employee’s normal unpaid meal period. 


You are required to take your entire meal period. Do not come back early from your meal period in order to gain extra time or to perform additional work unless specifically requested to do so by your supervisor. 


An employee who fails to return on time from his or her meal period may be subject to disciplinary action. 


Breaks will be taken as follows:


4 hours worked – One 15 minute break (paid)


6 ½ - 8 hours worked – One 15 minute break (paid)

One half-hour lunch (not paid)


8 ¼ hours worked – Two 15 minute breaks (paid)

One half-hour lunch (not paid)


Employees who work less than 4 hours are not allowed to take a break. Employees who areallowed a break are expected to take it about midway through their shift. Employees who forego a paid rest break may not shorten a workday to make up for it. Remember that smoking is not permitted on the customer’s property.






Employees of VITO CLEAN are paid on the 1stand 15thof each month. The pay periods end on the 8thand 23rdof each month.    


Employees can pick up paychecks at VITO CLEAN office on the day of the 1stor 15th between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Should payday fall on Saturday, your paycheck can be picked up on Friday between 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Should payday fall on Sunday, your paycheck can be picked up on Monday between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Direct depositof paychecks is available to all employees.  Please notify the management if you are interested in having your paycheck directly deposited into the bank account of your choice.

Pay Advances are not allowed.






If an employee is promoted to a higher pay grade, they will receive the difference between the two pay grades at the time of promotion. Management may approve higher adjustments depending on experience and performance. After 90 days, the employee will receive a performance review to determine if they are performing the job to the standards set forth. 


If the employee is not performing to standard, they will then be demoted back to the pay grade they were originally at and the difference in pay will be taken away. If the employee is performing to standards set forth, their next review will be at their normal anniversary date. If the date is within 30 days of the Performance Review, the two reviews will be combined and the merit increase will be retroactive to the anniversary date.

























Management expects its employees to report to work on time, on a regular basis. While we recognize that there are circumstances that may cause an employee to be absent from work, absences must be kept to a minimum in order to provide our customers with steady, quality service. Therefore, management retains the right to deny authorization of any requested absence, the right to investigate any absence, and the right to take disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal for excessive absence. These absentee policies have been developed to ensure that all employees are treated in an equitable manner and that company production will not suffer because of absenteeism. Frequent absence causes hardship for others and cannot be tolerated. These policies apply to all employees.


An employee must contact his/her supervisor or manager if he/she is going to be late or absent for any reason. Explain why you are going to be absent and when you expect to return to work. It is your responsibility to ensure that proper notification is given. Prior notice should be given to your supervisor or manager if you know in advance you are going to be absent. 


Defining Absenteeism


Excused– Any time an employee requests time off by giving a two-week notice, approved by management, is considered an excused absence. 


Unexcused – Any employee absence that has not been requested with a two week notice.






It is each employee’s responsibility to maintain regular and punctual attendance.  Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness are not acceptable and disciplinary action will be taken.

Absenteeism:  In situations where employees will be absent or late, they must call management as soon as they are aware, but no later than 30 minutes after their scheduled start time. Failure to notify management of absenteeism is considered an unauthorized absence and will not be paid. 

Tardinessexceeding 30 minutes or more must be called into management out of courtesy.  It is expected that non-productive time, including tardiness’s, will be made up.

All non-exempt employees are responsible for recording their absences and tardiness’s accurately on their timesheets.  Failure to accurately report hours worked and not worked will subject the employee to disciplinary action.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness is not excused simply by calling in advance. 

Non-exempt employees who fail to notify management of tardiness or absenteeism will not be paid for the time missed.  An unreported absence of 2 consecutive or non-consecutive days is considered a voluntary resignation.  The effective date of termination will be the employee’s last day worked.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will be reflected on performance reviews and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.




An employee is to contact his/her supervisor when sick, or when personal leave is needed because of illness. Calling in sick the day of work will be considered an unexcused absence.


It remains the employee’s responsibility to keep the supervisor informed as to his/her condition and when he/she will return to work. A medical statement from the employee’s doctor may be requested by the company when an employee is absent from work for three or more working days. 


Employees are required to take any and all available PTO (paid time off) during a sick leave.  Any leave extending beyond PTO benefits will be handled as unpaid time off.





Full time employees who have over 12 months of continuous employment at VITO CLEAN are eligible for unpaid Medical Leave.  

For our purposes, a medical leave applies to employees who are disabled and unable to work for 10 days or more due to a medical condition.  These individuals will upon request, and with appropriate medical documentation be granted a leave of absence for the duration of the illness or disability, provided such period does not exceed 6 weeks. For our purposes, medical leave also applies to a mother upon the birth of a child.

Employees are required to take any and all available vacation or PTO (paid time off) during a medical leave.  Any leave extending beyond PTO benefits will be handled as unpaid leave.

If the employee is able to return to work on or before the expiration date of the maximum leave period, VITO CLEAN will reinstate the employee to either his or her original position or a position of like seniority, status and pay.  Should the employee’s leave extend beyond the maximum leave period; the employee’s employment may be terminated.  

Procedures:  The employee requesting leave must provide management with a written leave request that includes 1) the anticipated beginning and ending dates of the leave, and 2) a physician’s certificate or other written documentation regarding the need for the leave.  Other documentation may be required as needed.

During the leave, employees must call in to management with periodic updates regarding the expected return to work date.  Any request to extend the leave must be submitted in writing with appropriate documentation and with reasonable advance notification.  Upon returning to work, the employee must provide a medical release, as applicable, documenting the fitness of the employee to return to work.

Failure to notify management of a medical leave of absence or to provide required or requested documentation within one week of the request for information will result in termination of the employee’s employment.  





Leave of Absence is time off in a non-pay status. An employee must submit a Request for Leave of Absence in writing to his/her supervisor or manager. The employee is expected to request a leave of absence with as much advance notice as possible. Leaves of absence will not be granted for periods less than four weeks in duration. Vacation or sick leave should be used for such absences.


The reason for leave should fall into one of the following categories:


Medical [including pregnancy related]


The employee has the responsibility to keep his/her supervisor or manager advised of the leave situation and to contact his/her supervisor or manager at least two weeks prior to the expiration of the approved leave to discuss return to work. If the employee desires voluntary termination, this should be reported as soon as possible. The company will make a reasonable effort, consistent with good business practices and company needs, to reinstate an employee to the same position he/she previously occupied, or to a similar position, following a leave of absence. However, the company cannot guarantee that the same or similar position will be available at the time an employee desires to return to work, or thereafter.


No vacation hours or PTO hours are earned during the leave period. Employees requesting a leave of absence for medical or military may choose to use all earned vacation or PTO hours before beginning the leave of absence. Employees requesting a personal leave of absence must use all earned vacation or PTO hours before beginning the leave of absence.


VITO CLEAN allows all employees to take time away from work for full-time military or military reserve duty in accordance with the current statutes and regulations governing these leaves.  As soon as military orders are received, employees must inform management of the need for leave and provide written verification.

Employees on leave for active duty will be reinstated in accordance with the laws in affect at the time of the return to work.

The Merit Review date will be delayed equal to the number of days the employee is gone on leave of absence. An employee on leave of absence who fails to return to work will be terminated effective his/her last day of work, or paid leave, whichever is later.
















I, ____________________________________ request a Leave of Absence for the period of ______________________ through _________________________ .



The Leave of Absence is requested for the following reason:








____________________________________________                 _____________________

Employee Signature                                                                         Date



________________________________________               ___________________

Approved By                                                                                      Date






Date Returned to Work




Date of next Merit Review












As a joint protection to the employee and the company, employees who have been absent from work because of serious illness or injury are required to obtain a doctor’s release specifically stating that the employee is capable of performing his/her normal duties or assignments. A serious injury or illness is defined as one that results in the employee being absent from work for more than three consecutive days or one which may limit the employee’s future performance of regular duties or assignments. Upon returning to work, employees will be returned to their same duties and locations at which they work, if at all possible. However, depending on the length of illness or injury, this may not be possible. VITO CLEAN will make every effort to keep duties and/or locations the same or similar to which the employee was accustomed.










































It is the policy of VITO CLEAN to grant vacations with pay to provide qualifying employees with periods for rest and recreation in recognition of services performed. 


One week (5 days) paid vacation after one year of service
Two weeks (10 days) paid vacation after three years of service
Three weeks (15 days) paid vacation after fifteen years of service
Four weeks (20 days) paid vacation after twenty years of service


Vacation pay will be paid based on the average number of hours worked. For example: an employee works 1040 hours in 2011. 1040 divided into 52 weeks in the year averages out to 20 hours of vacation for each week due, or 4 hours per day. Vacation pay due will be rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.


An employee becomes eligible for vacation pay upon the first anniversary of the first day of employment with the company. Vacation accrued shall be taken within the year it is due between anniversary dates. For example: if an employee’s anniversary date is Oct. 1, 2010, they become eligible for one week of vacation starting Oct. 1, 2011. The week must be taken between Oct. 1, 2011 and Oct. 1, 2012.


If, due to unforeseen circumstances an employee is unable to take his or her vacation, any unused days will be paid. This may only be done with approval of the manager/owner. 


Employees are responsible for planning ahead for vacation and working out a complete schedule with their team leader. Normally, four weeks advance notice of vacation is expected and necessary to ensure scheduling of work. Employees should realize that the sooner their requests are given, the more likely they are to receive the days off. If another employee has already requested the same days off, the first request will be approved, the second request will not be approved.


Vacation pay will be forfeited unless a two-week notice is given upon notification of termination. Vacation pay will also be forfeited upon involuntary termination.






















Check one:     _____ Request for vacation

                       _____ Request for day [s] off [not paid]



Vacation/Days off Requested:






________________________________                          ________________________

Employee Signature                                                         Date


________________________________                          ________________________

Approved By                                                                     Date





























[NOTE:Paid Time Off, or PTO may be preferred to offering vacation time and sick pay. If you offer PTO, remove the Vacation Policy page]

All active full-time employees are allocated 1 week of PTO every 6 months of continuous employment. The accrual period will be adjusted for employees who experience breaks in employment. 

The PTO allocation will be made based on the average hours the employee worked in the previous 6-month period.

PTO is subject to the following additional terms:

·      PTO may be used for vacation, personal days, the employee’s illness, or the illness of an employee’s dependent.  

·      A PTO day is based on the hours the employee is typically scheduled to work that day, up to a maximum of 8 hours.  For example, if an employee typically is scheduled to work six and one-half hours on that day, then the PTO will be paid accordingly.

·      Non-exempt employees must take their PTO time in hourly increments. Exempt employee PTO is to be taken in full-day or half-day increments.  

·      PTO does not carry over from one anniversary year to the next. Any unused PTO days remaining at the employee’s anniversary will be forfeited.

·      An employee may not take PTO in advance of earning the time off. 

·      Requests for PTO should be made in writing to management at least 2 weeks in advance of the time off.  

·      Every effort will be made to accommodate employees’ PTO requests.  However, management reserves the right to arrange PTO schedules in order to meet operational needs.  

·      VITO CLEAN prefers that employee PTO does not exceed 2 consecutive weeks.  

·      An employee will not be paid for any unused PTO benefits when they terminate employment.

·      Employees who provide notice of the resignation are not eligible to take PTO during the resignation period.







VITO CLEAN has established a SIMPLE [Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers] IRA plan. To participate in the plan, employees must have earned $5000 or more during any 2 calendar years preceding the current calendar year.

An eligible employee may contribute to the plan on a tax-deferred basis, through payroll deductions. The Company will make a matching contribution to each eligible employee’s SIMPLE IRA equal to the employee’s contribution up to a limit of 3% of the employee’s compensation for the calendar year.





Full-time employees who have completed 90 days of service are eligible for up to 3 days of paid leave for the purpose of making funeral arrangements or to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.  

Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, spouse’s parent, brothers, sisters, significant other, or other close relative who is a member of the employee’s household.

Employees are to notify management as soon as they become aware of the absence.  The Company may request proof of need for Bereavement Leave and may limit the number of leaves taken in a 12-month period.




VITO CLEAN encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities when they are called to jury duty.  All employees are provided an unpaid leave of absence to serve as a juror or to attend court for prospective jury service.  

Employees must notify management of the jury duty absence as soon as possible after receiving the jury summons.  Employees may be requested to provide a copy of the summons.

Employees are expected to work as many hours as possible during an employee’s release from jury duty, on those days court is recessed for all or part of a day, or if jury services are not required.  








Employee Performance Reviews will be partially based on the Building Inspections performed by supervisors and/or management. Quality Assurance Guidelines are the standards set by the company for acceptable performance and these guidelines will be the basis for all Building Inspections.


Following are the VITO CLEAN Quality Assurance Guidelines:


Break Rooms / Kitchen Areas:
Tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, trash cans, cabinets, refrigerators, microwave, vending machines and floor should be free of soil, mineral deposits, dust, soap, food, coffee and finger prints.


Doors/Handles/Push Plates/Kick Plates: 
Should be free of soil, dust, fingerprints and black heel marks


Floor Mats:
Should be free of soil and spots, vacuumed, rolled up and floor vacuumed and mopped underneath.


Carpeted Floors:
Should be free of soil and spots in traffic lanes, vacuumed under desks, and along edges. 

Elevator / Tracks:

Should be free of soil, spots, dust and fingerprints. 



Should be free of soil, cobwebs, insects, spots, spills, trash and debris.


Doorways / Entrance:

Should be free of soil, cigarette butts, trash, cobwebs, dust and debris.


Should be free of dust, fingerprints, streaks and  insects.


Smoking Urn:

Should be free of cigarette butts, soil and trash. 



All surfaces should be free of soil and dust. 



Open areas should be free of soil, coffee rings, dust, soda rings, and fingerprints. 

Move and dust desktop pictures, calculators, pencil holders, etc. and replace items in same position.


Office Chairs / Tables:

Should be free of soil, dust, fingerprints, coffee and soda rings. Chair and table legs should be free of soil and dust. 


Trash Cans:

Should be free of soil , dust, food, with extra can liners in bottom of trash can and liner tied to the trash can. Replace liner if torn or food inside. 


Drinking Fountain(s):

Should be free of soil, mineral deposits, and treated with stainless steel polish after disinfecting. 


Office Partitions:

Top edge should be free of soil and dust. Sides free of dust and spots. Replace kick plates if not attached. 


Office Magazines:

Should be arranged in an orderly fashion on tables.



Should be collected with brute or maid cart. Regular trash and recycling should be separated in bags and taken to drop area or dumpster. 


Should be free of soil, stickers, water lines, mineral deposits and build-up around base and hardware.


Should be free of soil, stickers, water lines or marks, mineral deposits and build-up are hardware. 


Should be free of soil, food, dust, mineral deposits, soap scum and fingerprints.


Should be free of soil, mineral deposits, soap scum, ring in drain. If stainless steel, treat with stainless steel polish after disinfecting.


Should be free of soil, steaks, haze or water and soap spots.

Stainless Steel Dispensers:

Should be free of soil, dust, water/soap spots, uneven application of stainless steel polish, and stocked with product. 


Soap Dispensers:

Stocked or filled with product, spouts free of soap scum and build-up.

Should be free of soil, mineral deposits, soap, fingerprints, and rings at base. If stainless steel it should be polished after disinfecting.


Handicap Grab Bars:

Should be free of soil, dust, fingerprints and polished if stainless steel. 


Restroom Partitions:

Should be free of soil, black heel marks, urine, and dust (sides, tops & hardware) If stainless steel it should be polished after disinfecting. 


Ceiling/Wall Vents:
Should be free of dust and soil.


Air Freshener Dispensers:

Should be free of soil, dust, and product replaced when needed. 


Restroom Walls:

Should be free of soil, water/soap spots, urine, and dust. 


Hard Floor Surfaces:
Should be free of soil, black heel marks, build-up in corners, edges and baseboards.


Chair Mats:

Should be free of soil, dust, food and spills. 


Janitor Closet:

Should be in order, supplies on shelf, equipment stored in appropriate space, floor swept/vacuumed and mopped. Call in order for supplies when low. 


Mop Bucket(s):

Should be free of soil, sand, rinsed and wiped out after each use. 


Mop Head:

Should be rinsed out after each use and hung to dry; or place in plastic bag for laundering. 


Mop Sink:

Should be free of soil, stains and rinsed out after each use. 


Vacuum Cleaner(s):

Should check paper/cloth bag and filters after each use, replace or clean bag, outside/inside free of dust and soil, coil up /check power cord for cut(s) or broken plugs after each use, fasten all clips after each use, store in proper area.


House Broom:

Should be stood on handle when not in use. 


Power Equipment:

Slow speed/high speed machines, carpet extractors, fans, auto scrubbers, etc. should be free of soil, water, dust, sand, and solution. Recovery tanks should be drained, rinsed out, wiped out after use, filters cleaned and replaced when needed. All electrical cords should be wiped down after use. Any battery equipment should be put on charger after use. 


Carpet Wands:

Should be free of soil, lint, and rinsed and wiped dry after each use. Check jets for proper operation, rinse and blow out. 



Power Cords:

Should be coiled up and inspected for cuts and broken plugs after use.


Microfiber Dusters/Cleaning Cloths:

Should be folded when using. Wash out after use, hang to dry, replace when needed. 


Safety Glasses:

Should be worn when applying chemical, kept clean and in appropriate location so they are not scratched or broken. Replace when needed.



Should be worn when performing cleaning tasks, replace when needed. 



Should be kept in pants pocket, labeled, return keys to lock box at appropriate locations or office. 


Carpet bonnets:

Soiled bonnets should be placed in plastic bag and sealed for laundering. 


Pump-Up Sprayers:

Should be emptied, rinsed and wiped down with pressure released after use. 


Wet Floor Sign(s):

Should be folded and stored in appropriate location when not in use. Should be free of soil, labeled and wipe down after each use. 


Hand Tools:

Putty knifes, scrub pads, scrapers, deck brushes, etc. should be free of soil, rinsed off and wiped down after each use. They should also be labeled with company name. 

























Inspections of buildings, vehicles and equipment will be conducted on a regular basis, as often as once per month if warranted. During each review period, any inspection completed for an employee will be considered for the next review. There may be several inspections considered for an employee during each review period. Vehicle and equipment inspections will be applied to the Organization, Care and Cleanliness of Equipment portion of the review. Building Inspections will be applied to the Performing Basic Skills and Detail Cleaning portions of the review.




P = Poor– Performance is unacceptable.


F = Fair, Below Standard– Performance is below the VITO CLEAN standards for Specifications at this location.


G = Good, To Standard– Performance meets VITO CLEAN  standards for Specifications at this location.


E = Excellent– Performance exceeds and never falls short of VITO CLEAN standards for Specifications at this location. 





























                              Building Inspection


Location _________________________ Employee __________________­­­_____   Date ___________


P = Poor– Performance is unacceptable

F = Fair, Below Standard- Performance is below the VITO CLEAN standards for Specifications at this location

G = Good, To Standard– Performance meets VITO CLEAN standards for Specifications at this location

E = Excellent– Performance exceeds and never falls short of VITO CLEAN standards for Specifications at this location



P     F   G   E





Door glass





Door frame















Mats vacuumed





Trash empty





Ash trays empty, fresh sand or cat litter





Trash, cigarette butts picked up off ground



P     F  G   E     





Countertops and back splash cleaned















Clean exterior of vanities





Bright work















Floors (vacuumed and mopped)





Vent grills





Base Boards










Light fixtures and switches





Towel bars





Dispensers, wiped down and polished





Walls spot cleaned





Supplies filled





Showers cleaned





Push plates





Kick plates


Restroom Detailing

P     F  G    E







































P    F   G    E





Dusting horizontal surfaces





Dust ceiling corners





Vacuum carpet





Vacuum rugs





Vacuum/dust mop/damp mop floors





Receptionist desk wiped





Magazines, chairs straightened





Vacuum vent grills





Dust light fixtures and disinfect switches







Trash / Recycling

P     F    G    E





Trash missed





Liners changed





Extra liners in bottom of cans





Trash cans outside wiped down





Wash inside of trash can when needed





Trash under desks on floor





Recycling bins emptied



P     F   G   E





Dust horizontal surfaces





Dust ceiling corners





Dust light fixtures





Wipe base boards





Vacuum and damp mop hard floor





Vacuum carpet





Clean and polish doors and walls





Clean treads



P     F   G   E















Sweeping/vacuuming treads and landings










Vacuuming mats




P     F   G   E










Common areas





Desk/office areas





Window sills





Walls (pictures, clocks, etc.)





Door frames







Detail Dusting

P     F   G   E





High (vents, lights, ceiling corners)





Low (chair & table legs, sides of desks & file cabinets, baseboards, under desks, etc.)





Blinds (dust or vacuum, cobwebs behind blinds, doors, window sills)


Break Rooms / Coffee Centers

P     F   G   E





Countertops and back splash cleaned





Sink, bright work cleaned





Outside of cabinets spot cleaned





Tables wiped, straightened





Vending machines spot cleaned with top dusted or wiped clean





Outside of microwave, refrigerators, dishwashers, stove cleaned





Walls spot cleaned










Drinking fountains





Chair wipe down and pushed up to table





Sweep/vacuuming floor





Mopping floor





Vacuuming floor mats





Push plates





Kick plates


Hard Floors 

P     F   G   E















Black heel marks



P     F   G   E





Floor mats





Common area





Office areas





Traffic lanes


Detail Vacuuming

P     F   G   E





Under desks





Along baseboards





Hard to reach areas


Miscellaneous Detail Cleaning

P     F   G   E










Light switches





Desktops (wipe)





Walls (spots)





Push plates





Kick plates





Baseboard ledge





Chair legs ( wipe)





Fingerprints on inside office glass




Closing Check List

P     F   G   E





Chairs pushed up to desks and tables





Lights turned off (designated lights left on)





Designated doors closed





Door locked


Equipment/Janitor Closet

P     F   G   E





Janitor closet (clean & organized)





Mop bucket (rinsed out)





Mop (clean & stored properly)





Vacuum (bag emptied, filter clean, beater bar clean, extra belts, outside/inside wiped clean, cord coiled up and in good shape)





Back pack vacuum (bag emptied, filters clean, tubes clear of debris, outside/inside wipe clean, clips attached, cord coiled up and in good shape, harness in good work order, floor tool clean and in good working order)





Brooms (stored properly – not on straws)





Brute, caddy, maid cart (organized and clean inside and outside)





Spray bottles (clean, filled, properly labeled)





Dusters, cleaning cloths (hung to dry, in good working order)





Supplies (stored properly on shelf)





Slow speed machine





High speed machine





Wet/dry vacuum





Automatic scrubber





Carpet extractor


Vehicle Inspection

P     F   G   E





Cleanliness (outside)





Cleanliness (inside)















Mileage book properly filled out





Oil change, repair log filled out





Proof of insurance and registration handy






















TOTALS                                                                    1                     2                      3                         4



Fair [Below


Good [To













Restroom Detailing






























Detail Dusting





Break rooms/coffee centers





Hard floors










Detail Vacuuming





Miscellaneous Detail Cleaning





Closing check list





Equipment/Janitor closet





Vehicle Inspection





Total # of Checks

 ___ X 1 =___

 ___ X 2 =___

 ___ X 3 =___

  ___ X 4 = ___



1. Total of the 4 Columns =


2. Divide Total by # of Areas Rated =



                            [#1 divided by #2]




                                                                                   1 = Poor [0 – 1.4]

                                                                                   2 = Fair, [Below Standards][1.5 – 2.4]

                                                                                   3 = Good [To Standards] [2.5 – 3.4]

                                                                                    4 = Excellent [Exceeds Standards] [3.5 – 4]











Employee Signature: ______________________________             Date: ______________


Supervisor Signature: ___________________________                  Date: ______________






VITO CLEAN desires to provide opportunities for all employees to further their skills and abilities.  As such, new employee performance will typically be evaluated during their orientation period and at least annually thereafter.

The performance review serves a variety of objectives.  Reviews provide an opportunity for employees to share their insights into their skills, performance, and responsibilities as well as how the Company is supporting their professional development.  Reviews are also management’s opportunity to identify and communicate the employees’ strengths and developmental areas.

Supervisors may conduct informal or written performance evaluations at any time to advise employees as to their job performance or to address disciplinary problems.

An employee’s anniversary date is defined as his/her first day on the job with the company. The first 90 days of employment are considered a probationary period in which both the employee and the company can decide if he/she is right for the job for which he/she was hired for. At 90 days, the employee is given a performance review where it is decided whether or not to make the employee a regular employee. Thereafter, Performance Merit Reviews will be given once per year on the employee’s anniversary date.


It is the supervisor’s and managers responsibility to develop and maintain a work environment in which employees can openly discuss performance and develop plans. The employee will be notified ten days in advance of their performance review date. 


The supervisor is responsible for establishing a relaxed atmosphere at the performance review and encouraging two-way communication. The discussion should be conducted in a positive manner, in complete privacy and with no interruptions. The supervisor shall verify that the employee is familiar with his or her job duties, previous goals and the appraisal criteria or factors. At the conclusion of the performance appraisal, the employee will be requested to sign the appraisal verifying that he or she participated in the evaluation. The employee should be encouraged to submit comments about the appraisal, which will become part of the record. A date for the next appraisal shall be agreed upon and noted on the appraisal form.


VITO CLEAN believes that pay increases should be related to an employee’s performance. Following the Performance Merit Review, the supervisor will rank the employee’s performance according to his or her relative level of contribution to the company. Factors will include how well the employee has met the objectives agreed upon in the last review and the employee’s level of contribution to other employees. The supervisor will rank all employees in one of three groupings:


3 – Above Requirements

2 – Meets Requirements

1 – Below Requirements


The supervisor, with management approval, will make a decision relating to the employee’s merit increase in pay after the review and ranking process has been completed. Any merit increase in pay will be retroactive to the anniversary date. Merit increases in pay are neither automatic nor periodic. They are reserved for employees who show skills improvement and higher than average performance.


Pay Increases:  There are no automatic pay increases.  Any increases to an individual’s wages are based on merit.  








_________________________________                           ______________________________

Employee Name                                                                  Job Title


_________________________________                           ______________________________

Supervisor/Manager Name                                                 Review Date


The following scale should be used in evaluating the employee’s performance when compared to the norm of his or her position.


[2.5 – 3] Above Requirements– Employee consistently meets, and in many instances exceeds, established standards set by the home specifications and by management. Employees that receive this rating need little supervision and direction. They show initiative and are able to plan ahead to get their job done in the most efficient manner without having to be reminded to perform daily or periodic tasks.


[1.5 – 2.4] Meets Requirements– Employee meets established standards set by the home specifications and by management. Employees that receive this rating need average direction and need occasional reminders to perform daily or periodic tasks.


[0 – 1.4] Below Requirements– Employee meets established standards in some instances, but lacks consistency and needs supervision. Employees that receive this rating need to improve their level of performance to comply with the home specifications, quality assurance guidelines and management requirements.



Performs Basic Skills                                                                                                        Rating _____

[Trash, restrooms, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, etc.]

Does employee need to be reminded regularly of responsibilities? Or does employee have a thorough understanding of responsibilities and never needs reminding?




Performs Detail Cleaning                                                                                                 Rating _____

[Detail vacuuming, high & low dusting, blinds, detail restrooms]

Is employee able to do the detailing? Do they only do detailing when asked by supervisor?







Performs Basic Skills  for Specialized Cleaning Tasks                                                Rating _____

(Buffing, stripping, waxing, window washing, carpet cleaning, carpet spotting)

Does employee know basic skills?
Can employee perform tasks without supervision?





Organization, Care, Cleanliness of Equipment                                                             Rating _____

Vacuum  Bag emptied regularly?
Cleaning catty in order?
Cord ends missing from power cords?





Quantity of Work/ Meets Deadlines                                                                                 Rating _____

Does employee regularly go over on time allowed to clean?
Does employee use extra time to their advantage?





Amount of Supervision & Follow-up Needed                                                                Rating _____

Does employee need improvement and /or additional training?
Does employee need more than normal supervision? Does employee need very little supervision?













Communication                                                                                                                Rating _____

Does employee communicate with supervisor or manager on a regular basis?
Does employee inform supervisor of equipment problems right away?





Teamwork/Cooperation                                                                                                    Rating _____

Is employee willing to help out where needed without complaint or do they perform only what is required?
Does employee get along well with co-workers?





Safe Work Habits                                                                                                               Rating _____

Does employee wear protective gloves when cleaning restrooms or mixing chemicals?
Does employee use proper lifting techniques?





Decision Making Skills                                                                                                     Rating_____

Does an employee frequently make the wrong decisions?
Does employee inform supervisor of decisions they made?













Understanding CompanyPolicies                                                                                  Rating _____

Has employee ever been warned about failing to comply with any company policy?
Does employee know our company policies well?





Conduct/Appearance                                                                                                        Rating _____

Does employee always report to work in uniform VITO CLEAN shirt, photo ID, proper foot wear?
Does employee conduct him/herself in a professional matter while on duty?





Dependability/Attendance/Punctuality                                                                          Rating _____

Does employee have poor attendance? Does he/she have excellent attendance?
Does employee give a two week notice for days off?





Supervising/Follow-Up (Supervisors Only)                                                                   Rating _____

Completing assigned tasks – When given an assignment by management does the supervisor  take care of it right away or put it off until later? 
Training – Are the assigned employees trained properly? Did they make it through their 90 day probation without incident and constant follow-up?











Areas Needing Improvement:




Summary of Evaluation:




Employee Comments:





Performance Review Date: _______________      Performance Merit Review Date: ______________


                                                                                 Next Merit Review Date: _____________________


Overall Rating: __________                                  New Wage: __________


Amount of Increase: __________                         Effective Date: __________



_____________________________________       ________________________

Employee Signature                                    Date


_____________________________________       ________________________

Supervisor Signature                                               Date



Merit Increase Rates


Rating                                 Increase

2.5 – 3                                  $ .40 - .50

1.5 – 2.4                               $ .20 - .38

0 – 1.4                                  $ .0 - .18
















Corrective counseling may be initiated when VITO CLEAN believes that an employee’s performance problem can and will be resolved through adequate counseling. Corrective counseling is completely at the discretion of company management. The company desires to protect its investment of time and expense devoted to employee orientation and training whenever that goal is in the company’s best interests.


It is essential that all disciplinary action be adequately and appropriately supported by written documentation to protect both the rights of the company and the rights of the employee.


The supervisor or manager will determine the course of action best suited to the circumstances. The steps in corrective counseling and performance improvement are as follows:


Verbal Counseling:As the first step in correcting unacceptable performance or behavior, the supervisor/manager should review pertinent job requirements with the employee to ensure his/her understanding of them. The supervisor/manager should consider the severity of the problem, the employee’s previous performance appraisals and all of the circumstances surrounding the particular case. 

If the problem continues, the second step is to define the problem in more specific terms and work with the employee to identify the requirements for performance improvement or change of conduct. The seriousness of the performance or misconduct should be indicated by stating that a written warning, probation or possible termination could result if the problem is not resolved. The employee should be asked to review what has been discussed to ensure his/her understanding of the seriousness of the problem and corrective action necessary. Immediately after the second step in verbal counseling, the supervisor/manager should document the verbal counseling for future reference. 

Written Counseling:If the unacceptable performance or behavior continues, the next step should be a written warning. Also, circumstances such as a violation of a widely known policy or safety requirement may justify a written warning without first using verbal counseling. The written warning defines the problem and how it may be corrected. The seriousness of the problem is again emphasized, and the written warning shall indicate that probation or termination or both may result if improvement is not observed. Written counseling becomes part of the employee’s personnel file.

Probation:If the problem has not been resolved through written counseling, and/or the circumstances warrant it, the individual should be placed on probation. Probation is a serious action in which the employee is advised that termination will occur if improvement in performance or conduct is not achieved within the probationary period.


The employee’s supervisor/manager, after review of the employee’s corrective counseling documentation, will determine the length of probation. Typically, the probation period should be at least two weeks and no longer than 60 days, depending on the circumstances. The supervisor/manager prepares a written probationary notice to the employee. The notice should include a statement of the following:


The specific unsatisfactory situation.
A review of oral and written warnings.
The length of probation.
The specific behavior modification or acceptable level of performance.
Suggestions for improvement.
A scheduled counseling session or sessions during the probationary period.
A statement that further action, including termination may result if defined improvement or behavior modification does not result during probation. “Further action” may include, but is not limited to reassignment, reduction in pay, pay grade or demotion.


The supervisor/manager should personally meet with the employee to discuss the probationary letter and answer any questions. The employee should acknowledge receipt by signing the notice. If the employee should refuse to sign, the supervisor/manager may sign attesting that it was delivered to the employee and identifying the date of delivery. The probationary letter becomes part of the employee’s personnel file.


On the defined probation counseling date or dates, the employee and supervisor/manager will meet to review the employee’s progress in correcting the problem that led to the probation. Brief written summaries of these meetings should be prepared. Should probation be completed successfully, the employee should be commended, though cautioned that any future recurrence may result in further disciplinary action and/or termination.


Suspension:A two or three day suspension may be justified when circumstances reasonably require an investigation of a serious incident in which the employee was allegedly involved. A suspension may also be warranted when employee safety, welfare, or morale may be adversely affected if a suspension is not imposed. In addition, and with prior approval, suspension without pay for up to three consecutive working days may be imposed for such proven misconduct as intentional violation of safety rules, fighting or drinking on the job. These examples do not limit management’s use of suspension in other appropriate circumstances, such as the need to investigate a serious incident. In implementing a suspension, a written counseling report should set forth the circumstances justifying the suspension. Such a report will become part of the employee’s personnel file.

Involuntary Termination:The supervisor/manager prepares the involuntary termination notice. The employee is notified of the termination by the supervisor/manager and termination documentation must be completed. Involuntary termination is reserved for those cases that cannot be resolved by corrective counseling or in those cases where a major violation has occurred, which cannot be tolerated.




The company believes that each employee should be totally aware of the behavior expected while he/she is employed. The following are classifications of violations for which corrective counseling, performance improvement or other disciplinary action may be taken, and are not limited to these examples. A particular violation may be major or minor depending on the surrounding facts or circumstances.


Minor Violations:Less serious violations that have some affect on the continuity, efficiency or work, safety and harmony within the company. They typically lead to corrective counseling unless repeated or when unrelated incidents occur in rapid succession. Some examples of minor violations are as follows:


Failure to notify supervisor/manager of intended absence either before or within one hour after the start of a shift.
Excessive tardiness
Failure to observe working hours such as the schedule of starting time and quitting time.
Excessive absenteeism 
Unsatisfactory job performance.
Interfering with another employee’s job performance.
Performing unauthorized personal work on company time.
Unauthorized use of the telephone or equipment for personal business.
Allowing unauthorized people (ie: friends or relatives) on the property of the company or client’s property.
Knowingly performing unsafe acts such as standing on a chair instead of using a ladder or extension pole.



Major Violations:More serious violations. They include any deliberate or willful infraction of company rules and may preclude continues employment of an employee. Following are some examples of major violations:


Repeated occurrences of related or unrelated violations depending upon the severity of the violation and the circumstances.
Willfully disregarding company policies or procedures.
Willfully falsifying any company records.
Falsification of timecard.
Failing to report to work without excuse or approval of supervisor/manager.
Fighting on company or client’s premises.
Bringing firearms or weapons onto the premises.
Abusive or obscene language, discourtesy toward tenants, customers or other employees.
Sexual harassment
Refusal to complete job assignments

Use of drugs or alcohol. If used prior to your shift you will be sent home. A second violation will result in termination. Use of drugs or alcohol while working is strictly prohibited and employee will be immediately terminated.
Any act which might endanger the safety or lives of others.
Departing premises during working hours for personal reasons without the permission of the supervisor/manager.
Sleeping during work hours.
Deliberately using, stealing, destroying, abusing or damaging company property, client’s property, tools, equipment or the property of another employee.
Removal of company or client property. This is considered theft and will result in immediate termination.
Opening or going through any part of a customer’s desk, drawers, cabinets, etc.
Disclosure of confidential company or client information or trade secrets to unauthorized persons.





































___________________________________                                      ________________________

Name of Employee                                                                             Date


___________________________________                                         ______ Verbal   ______ Written

Location [s]


The following incident / behavior have been observed:



The standards of expected performance / behavior are:



These standards are important because of the following impact on the work to be done:



You can expect the following consequences if the above standards are not followed:



These matters will be reviewed within ______ days.



_________________________________________                          ____________________________

Employee Signature                                                                           Date


__________________________________________                        ________________________

Supervisor Signature                                                                          Date


__________________________________________                        ________________________

Witness Signature                                                                               Date





Employment with VITO CLEAN may be terminated through voluntary resignation by the employee. Employees resigning from the Company are encouraged to inform management in writing at least 2 weeks before the effective termination date.


The following are voluntary termination procedures:


All outstanding advances charged to the terminating employee will be deducted from     the final paycheck.

On the final day of employment, the supervisor or owner/manager must receive all keys, uniform, manual, photo ID, and any other company property from the employee. Keys are to be returned immediately. The employee has 3 working days to return shirts, photo ID and manual. 

As per state law, wages will be paid to any discharged or laid off employee the earlier of the next regular scheduled payday or within ten days of the termination, weekends and holidays excluded. An employee who resigns his or her position will be paid on the next regular scheduled payday unless he or she makes a written request for earlier payment. All wages then due will be paid within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Any employee who fails to work as scheduled for 2 consecutive or non-consecutive work days, who fails to explain absences, or who fails to return from approved absences (e.g., personal,        sick or family leave, PTO) will be considered to have voluntarily terminated employment. 


Employees must return all outstanding property belonging to VITO CLEAN (such as keys, computer equipment, cell phones, books, etc.) to management before leaving the Company.


Employees who resign and fail to give 2 weeks’ notice or who are terminated due to policy violation or cause will not receive payment for accrued but unused vacation pay or PTO (paid time off) when they leave the company.





Terminations are to be treated in a confidential, professional manner by all concerned. The supervisor must assure thorough, consistent, and evenhanded termination procedures. This policy and its administration will be implemented in accordance with the company equal opportunity statement.


Employees may be terminated for the following reasons:


Substandard Performance:An employee may be discharged if his/her performance is unacceptable. The supervisor/manager shall have counseled the employee concerning performance deficiencies, provided direction for improvement, and warned the employee of possible termination if performance did not improve within a defined period of time. The supervisor/manager is expected to be alert to any personal problems or substance abuse. Documentation to be prepared by the supervisor/manager shall include reason for separation, performance history, corrective efforts taken, alternatives explored, and any additional pertinent information.

Misconduct:An employee found to be engaged in activities such as, but not limited to, theft of company property, insubordination, conflict of interest, or any other activities showing willful disregard of company interests or policies, will be terminated as soon as the team leader and manager/owner have concurred with the action.


Termination Processing Procedures


The termination statement must be filled out.
All outstanding advances charged to the terminating employee will be deducted from the final paycheck.
On the final day of employment, the supervisor or manager/owner must receive all keys, company shirts, manual, photo ID, and any other company property from the employee. The employee has 3 working days to return company shirts, manual and ID and any other property in their possession. Keys are to be turned in per the Key Form instructions.
As per state law, wages will be paid to any discharged or laid off employee the earlier of the next regular scheduled payday or within ten days of the termination, weekends and holidays excluded. An employee that resigns his or her position will be paid on the next regular scheduled payday unless he or she makes a written request for earlier payment. All wages then due will be paid within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
Vacation pay or PTO will be forfeited unless a two-week notice is given upon notification of termination. Vacation pay or PTO will also be forfeited upon involuntary termination.
































_______________                                                                  _____ Voluntary Termination

Date                                                                                        _____ Involuntary Termination



I, _________________________ do hereby give my two week notice of termination of employment.


 My last day of work will be _____________________________________.



Reason for Termination:



Performance History:



Corrective efforts taken:



Additional information or comments:





Forwarding Address:



___________________________________                          ______________________________

Employee Signature                                                               Date



___________________________________                          ______________________________

Manager Signature                                                                 Date



___________________________________                          ______________________________

Witness Signature                                                                   Date





I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of Company Employee Handbook, and understand that it is my responsibility to read and become familiar with its contents. 

I understand that this handbook is not a contract, does not contain all of Company policies and procedures, and that Company reserves the right to change, modify, suspend, interpret, or cancel, in whole or in part, any of its published or non-published policies, practices and procedures without advance notice.  

I agree that this handbook supersedes all prior handbooks and any information, policies, statements or promises, whether written or verbal, previously received from or made to me by Company. 

I also understand that nothing in this handbook modifies the at will employment relationship between me and Company, and that I have the right to terminate my employment at any time for any or no reason and that Company retains the same right.  

I understand the sensitive nature of the confidential information I will receive related to the organization as well as our customers and agree to maintain this confidentiality during and following my employment with Company.

I agree in accepting or continuing employment with Company to abide by its policies, procedures and practices and understand that failure to comply with Company policies, procedures and practices may result in my dismissal.  



Employee’s Printed Name

__________________________________________                        ___________________

Employee’s Full Name                                                                       Date

__________________________________________                        ___________________

Owner/Manager,   VITO CLEAN                                                        Date













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